Inspired by the simple design of google cardboard for virtual reality experiences I wanted to develop a gadget made of a cardboard that enhances me to record my own 3d videos based on stereoscopic recordings.

As a result I can show an insight to the first prototypes of this design, whereas I am still working on an improved cardboard case for an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 5s and will publish the detailed plans as soon as I am happy with it.

The version described in this article rotates the iPhone 180 degrees in order to have the two camera lenses in one line like the eyes of a human face. I made a base layer and frame with 1cm width covered by a top layer. This allows me to insert the two devices on the upper side. Obviously this is not the highest level of sageness, its more a proof of concept design.

Nevertheless it worked for me for creating the first videos (how you have to stitch them will be described in another article).

If you are interested in that topic stay tuned!


Base Layer Framed Layer


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