As described in my previous postings I was working on a cardboard that offers the opportunity to create stereoscopic recordings using an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 5s for creating 3D materials (video or photo).

The next picture shows the result of my proceedings in this area. The case for the iPad turned out to be a bit to narrow as the iPad protrudes beyond the cardboard, but this does not affect the functionality of this gadget. 

finished cardboard steroscopic recorder

In the next picture you can see the draft just before cutting the edges.

draft before cutting
draft before cutting
cutted, not folded
cutted draft, not folded


At the end I added two bluetooth clickers at the rear side that make the starting and stopping of recordings more comfortable. It turned out, that the iPad is a little bit slower than the iPhone, but the effect is not too severe. 

rear side
rear side with bluetooth clickers

Well, the last thing missing are proof-of-concept videos. For now I have none, but I will publish some soon.



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