Synology DownloadStation Timeout


I am using for doing my tv recordings. When I wanted to download the Videos to my Synology NAS using Synology DownloadStation I had the problem, that sometimes the download interrupted with a timeout error message. This is due to the fact, that the download starts and then the server sets the download to a wait-list. In the meanwhile Synoloy DownloadStation thinks that the download does not work and interrupts.

There is no possible setting using the GUI of Synology DownloadStation, but I found a line in a config-file on the NAS itself that hopefully does the trick.

To change this setting login as root to your Synology NAS, change to the directory /var/packages/DownloadStation/target/hostscript and edit the file common.php.
Inside this file you find a line „define(‚DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT‘,20);“ – change this line to „define(‚DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT‘,1200);“ (1.200 seconds means 20 minutes).

To make this work I had to restart the DownloadStation Package and recreate all downloads!

If you are not familiar to ssh-terminals here are the commands you need:

cd /var/packages/DownloadStation/target/hostscript
vi common.php
[go to the line using arrow down]
[press "i"]
[replace digit 20 by 1200 (or as desired)]
[press Escape]
[insert ":wq" and press Enter (w stands for "write changes", and q stands for "quit")]


You’re gone!


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