Draft of Stereoscopic Recorder using iPad and iPhone


as announced a few days before I wrote down my idea of a stereoscopic recorder using an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 5s. Normally you should not mix different devices for making stereoscopic videos or even photographs. In the case of the iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 5s they have a so similar camera (the iPhone-Camera has only a few additional features) that I am sure it will work using those two devices. (In fact I already tried it using another prototype of this stereoscopic recorder – and it worked).

The big deal between the new design and the old prototype is that the old prototype is rather big. It has the iPad and iPhone side by side plus 6cm gap resulting in metrics of approx. 45x25cm. The new design will have metrics of 30x17cm and will make the whole recorder significantly handier.

There is still one improvement not showing in this draft. I ordered two bluetooth clickers (the small gadgets used with selfie-sticks) that can be attached to the recorder (maybe one the backside) so that you can hold the recorder and start/stop recording with both hands on the cardboard.

I hope I will be able to make this idea reality in the near future and will report my achievements in this blog. If you are interested, stay tuned 😉

Draft of a cardboard based stereoscopic recorder using iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2